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Kris - Δɶ ♣
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
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Hello all! It's been around two and a half months since my last update, which is surprising really, so I decided to let you all know how things are going on.

First of all, a lot of you will have noticed that this journal and my userpage are both very boring standard deviantART green colours again. This is because I've been short on money (or having better uses for it) as of late and simply haven't had the chance to restock my deviantART premium - which is a shame, because I miss having my beautiful page and not having massive ads everywhere and getting beta access stuff, but that's just how it rolls. I'd like to restock my premium at some point this year, but it might take a while.

And here's why:
- As I said in my last update, I was forced to move to Scotland by my family, away from friends and other loved ones. This meant that, four months later, I was very very lonely.
- For the last couple of months I was saving up money because I wanted to head south to England where I'd be able to see my friends again and just generally catch up on socializing. My trip only lasted a week but it was a great one.
- By the time I got back, I had caught the bug - I need more freedom like that. As you all know, I'm transgender, and I'm not allowed to transition where I'm living at the moment, under my parents' roof, so I have to find a route to getting free of home so that I can pursue that. So then I thought, what about college/university? I'd attempted college 3 times in the past but it had never worked out well. I assume however that that was because the price of failure at college before was simply going home and trying again. If I'm out by myself, living in paid accommodation by the college, or preferably, university, then I have an entire way of life on the line. If I'm to transition away from home I would also need to work hard on coursework, commissions, and even external job-related work.

That's where I'm standing at the moment. It's the second week since I returned and I've found that I'm going just a little bit stir-crazy. If it wasn't for the fact that at the moment I am stuck using my sister's (bad) password-protected laptop I would be racking up what commissions I can and pulling out all the stops to help me advance. I might be close to that point however.

Anyway, that's where I'm standing. What other news...
  1. The admins of Tumblr mucked up with my details, so I not only built a new blog but customized it too. It isn't entirely finished as of yet, but it's getting there. It can be found here.
  2. I am drawing an colouring exclusively on PaintTool SAI now, instead of drawing on Photoshop Elements 7.0 (I do still edit on there however). Hopefully my new artwork should be much smoother in appearance.
  3. I am currently working on an Original Character (OC) Development Test. It's not done as of yet, but hopefully it will be quite big and insightful for all of you out there building interesting and full characters. The test will cover everything from personality to appearance, backstory to love life and will even cover fandoms/fan characters such as Pokemon, My Little Pony, etc. Once ready for initial testing it would be great if I could have some volunteers to read it through and fill it out, as well as give feedback on how it could be improved.
  4. Tales of Herstia is on  a temporary maintenance hiatus. This is only while I get my home/college/university situation smoothed out. Hersstyles and other related deviations will still be submitted as they are drawn, but nothing too strictly story-wise. Hopefully when I return to working on it I'll be able to reformat and reword the 50,000 words I've already written, finish off the remaining artwork needed and then get it self-published and out to those that would buy it.
  5. I hope to release a character template fairly soon for a sort of mini OC-vs-OC fun activity. The idea is to get some people to spread it around and have fun with it for just a fun little amusement. It should be finished and posted in due time.
  6. Commissions are still open!
That's about it though. I'll update you all again soon guys, hopefully much sooner than last time. Peace!
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Break this Spell (Christ Daughtry)
  • Reading: Fullmetal Alchemist (Volumes 1-6)
  • Watching: Kill la Kill
  • Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh!Pro
  • Eating: Marmite Sandwiches
  • Drinking: Cream Soda

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